SPOILER ALERT: Gotham films second-season scene in Ridgewood

RIDGEWOOD TIMES/Photos by Kelly Marie Mancuso


The streets of Ridgewood were transformed into the gritty backdrop for the filming of Fox’s hit television series “Gotham” on Tuesday afternoon.

The show’s lead actor, Ben McKenzie, brought his character Det. James Gordon to life in a fast-paced action sequence filmed beneath the Seneca Avenue M train station. The intersection of Palmetto Street and Seneca Avenue was transformed into the fictitious Gotham City corner of Harlow Avenue and Wattford Street for the shoot.

The daytime shoot captured a scene with McKenzie facing off against an original costumed super-villain claiming to be the “Zarnod, Reaper of Souls.”

McKenzie’s character Gordon was busy directing traffic on real-life Seneca Avenue when the villain struck, taking a pedestrian hostage on the sidewalk.

Gordon approached with his gun drawn and battled the fiend beneath the bright red awning of the Crown Fried Chicken restaurant on the corner of Seneca Avenue and Palmetto Street.

The cast and crew filmed multiple takes of the scene from a variety of angles and vantage points, and filmed well into the afternoon. The Gottscheer Hall on Fairview Avenue served as the holding area for the film shoot. The hall’s main dining room served as a makeup and wardrobe area for the cast.

When filming wrapped, the cast and crew returned to the dining hall for a large meal before moving onto the next location on Johnson Avenue in Bushwick.

Tuesday’s shoot marks the second time “Gotham” used Ridgewood as the location for the Dark Knight’s hometown. Back in February, the show filmed a scene at the same location featuring classic Batman villain The Riddler, played by actor Corey Michael Smith.

The scene shot Tuesday will be featured in the upcoming second season of “Gotham” set to air on Fox in the fall.