Film featuring Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine to shoot in Maspeth

Screenshot via YouTube/Yellow Red Studio

Maspeth will be the setting for yet another movie shoot next week.

On Monday, Aug. 10, the producers of “Going in Style” — a reboot of the 1979 movie about elderly bank robbers — will shoot a scene at the Nat Diner, located at 56-26 Maspeth Ave. in Maspeth. Formerly known as the Clinton Diner, the establishment was famously featured in the classic 1990 Martin Scorsese mob drama “Goodfellas.”

The remake of “Going in Style,” starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, is about three retirees who are living on fixed incomes until they decide to rob a bank to solve their money issues. The only problem is that they have no experience robbing banks. It’s a remake of the 1979 comedy-drama that starred George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasburg.

The shoot will involve characters entering the diner, performing interior dialogue scenes, then exiting the diner. It was not immediately known if Freeman, Caine or Arkin will be on location for the shoot.

The production company has requested permission to place an 80-foot-tall apparatus on Maspeth Avenue between Rust Street and 57th Place for lighting. They have also made partial parking restriction requests for Rust Street between 56th Terrace and Maspeth Avenue and a full parking ban on both the east and west sides of the street; the full west side of Rust Street between Maspeth Avenue and Grand Street; the full block, both north and south, on Maspeth Avenue between Rust Street and 57th Place; full block control, east and west sides, of 57th Place between Maspeth Avenue and Rust Street; the south side of the entire street for Maspeth Avenue between 57th Place and 58th Street; full block control of the north and south sides of 57th Road between 57th Place and 58th Street; and full block control of the west side of 58th Street between Maspeth Avenue and 56th Drive.

Maspeth has been quite a popular location for film and TV shoots in recent weeks. One other such production that filmed in the neighborhood is “Shades of Blue,” a new NBC drama starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta. J-Lo was spotted on the set in Maspeth twice in the past week.


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