Monarch butterflies need our help

By Aline Euler

Scientists are very concerned about the dramatically decreasing population of Monarch butterflies.

Threats include loss of natural habitat and the replacement of milkweed with vast amounts of genetically modified corn crops. Also, climate change is moving suitable habitat for the butterflies northward, resulting in a longer migration. Few Monarchs may be able to make the 3,000 mile trip to Mexico. Another big problem is that the Monarch’s winter habitat is being devastated by illegal logging in Mexico.

Let us do our part by planting milkweed plants and other flowers in our yards and parks. These plantings are vital to the survival of Monarchs, for the female will only deposit her eggs on these plants which will eventually be food for her caterpillars. Go to monarchwatch.org/milkweed/market to find information on milkweed seeds and plants.

Aline Euler


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