Bikers should take care

By Joseph N. Manago

I am writing to alert bikers to the deadly danger upon approaching the Briarwood boondoggle of the Kew Gardens Interchange Project on Queens Boulevard going either east towards the south side of Interstate 678 (Van Wyck Expressway) with a forked Dead Man’s Curve, or west along a narrow two-lane road.

Also, there are no bike lanes in either direction along Queens Boulevard, and no sidewalk on the south side. The only strip that is safe from vehicular traffic is the pedestrian sidewalk on the north side, and riding there would constitute a traffic violation for biking on the sidewalk.

The effect of this present construction is essentially to ban all bicycles from access to Queens Boulevard from Main Street to Hoover Avenue. I suggest that the Department of Transportation post signs for two detour routes for bikers approaching the Briarwood Dead Man’s Curve from either western or eastern Queens Boulevard directions with the following message: Briarwood Bikers Beware! Dead Man’s Curve Ahead.

Joseph N. Manago


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