LaGuardia and JFK Airports among the worst for on-time summer travel, study says

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons/Thomas Lillis IV

If you’re planning to fly out of LaGuardia or JFK Airports for your summer vacation, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a delay.

Milecards.com, a website that gives tips on earning travel rewards points, analyzed federal Department of Transportation airport on-time arrival data during the summers of 2007 through 2016. According to the data, LaGuardia ranks second in most summer travel delays while JFK ranks fourth. Newark Airport in New Jersey is the worst offender.

At LaGuardia Airport, just 66.9 percent of flights arrive on time and at JFK Airport, 69.2 percent of flights arrive on time. Both airports also have more summer delays than winter delays, and 40 percent of the 50 busiest airports experience more delays in the summer than in the winter.

The study also found that June is the worst month for summer delays, with 76 percent of the 50 busiest airports experiencing more delays in June than in July or August. Airlines for America, an airline industry trade organization, estimates that  234.1 million passengers will travel worldwide on American Airlines between June and August 2017. This number represents a 4 percent increase from last year.


Both LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport are going through renovations but until those are complete, MileCards.com encourages fliers to try to book early morning flights, which are less likely to experience delays, and to frequently check mobile apps from specific airlines or FlightAware.com to know in advance if your flight is supposed to get in late.

Chart via Milecards.com
Chart via Milecards.com

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