Fighting the Tide of Fake Goods

Fighting the Tide of Fake Goods
The counterfeit drug business is so widespread now, officials estimate that one-third of all prescription medicine sold on the Internet are fake.
Photo by Michael Shain
By Michael Shain

Before there was fake news, there were fake goods. A big-time business, especially at holiday time.

Even major sports trophies are ripe for the knock off.

Why not buy your own Oscar for the mantle? Maybe a Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy for the den?

Federal agents who called a press conference this week at a cargo facility in JFK airport showed reporters a Major League Baseball trophy, awarded to the team that wins the World Series, that had been bought on the Internet by the wife of a major leaguer who’d been on a championship team.

“She wanted him to have his own copy,” said one federal agent.

The flood of counterfeit goods meanwhile is still a big problem in the U.S., taking billions away from legitimate, tax-paying businesses here.

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