Queens had the second highest number of births in NYC during 2016, Health Department says

Photo: Pexels

The city saw many births this year in Brooklyn and Queens, according to the Department of Health.

The Health Department released the final number of babies that were born in New York City throughout 2016. According to the data, the number of babies born in New York City decreased 1.1 percent from 2015 through 2016, dropping the grand total of city births from 121,673 births to 120,367 births.

While Brooklyn had the greatest number of babies born last year with 40,125 births, Queens came in second with 26,794 births.

Following behind Queens in number of births was the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, who each had 19,474 births, 17,199 births and 5,357 births, respectively.

The Health Department also released the most popular baby names throughout the city. Olivia, which was the most popular girls’ name in 2015, maintained its position as the number one girls’ name for 2016 with 564 babies given that name. Liam, which was the third most popular boys’ name in 2015, came in at number one for 2016 with 710 babies.

According to the Health Department, Liam was the number one baby name for boys who were born in Queens. While Olivia was the most popular name for girls born in the city, the most popular name for baby girls born in Queens was Sophia, which also the second most popular girl’s name for babies born throughout the city in 2016.

Other popular baby names for girls in 2016 throughout the city included Emma, Isabella, Mia, Ava, Emily, Leah, Sarah and Madison. Popular boys’ names for babies born in New York City included Jacob, Ethan, Noah, Aiden, Matthew, Daniel, Lucas, Michael and Dylan.

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