Free public Wi-Fi added to Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City

Photo by Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

The State Parks Department announced on Friday that there will be an expansion of the New York State Parks free public Wi-Fi program at Gantry Plaza in Long Island City.

In partnership with Toyota, the Parks Department has launched “Oh, Ranger!” Wi-Fi™,” which brought free public Wi-Fi systems to state parks around New York. The program has since been expanded to include Gantry Plaza State Park.

“New York’s remarkable state park system welcomes tens of millions each year, and more and more families are looking to explore the outdoors and make the most of precious leisure time by having access to popular conveniences,” said State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey. “Working with our partners, we are pleased to expand this valuable service at these treasured parks and destinations for the coming season, building on our commitment to improving the overall visitor experience.”

The “Oh, Ranger!” Wi-Fi™” network was originally set up with the equipment, installation, programming, monitoring and maintenance all being provided at no cost to taxpayers. Visitors at the participating parks access the free Wi-Fi by selecting the “Oh, Ranger! Wi-Fi” network on their device and then accepting the standard terms and conditions.

In addition to providing free public Wi-Fi, the platform acts as a digital information portal that can help educate visitors, identify park visitation patterns, generate awareness of upcoming programs and events, serve as an operations management tool, and promote volunteerism in the parks.

“Toyota is excited to build upon our partnership with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and American Park Network to provide free public Wi-Fi to these four important parks in New York,” said Steven Curtis, vice president, media and engagement marketing, Toyota Motor North America. “We aim to support our partners in their mission to promote greater environmental appreciation and awareness in local communities. We’re grateful for this opportunity and hope that it will enhance the experience of visiting these New York public parks.”