Common Use baggage office premiers at JFK Terminal One

Common Use baggage office premiers at JFK Terminal One
Pacific Atlantic Handling (PAH) grand opening of baggage services at Terminal One JFK Airport. Left, Jermain Deas of PAH, Steve Rowland Exec Director of T1, Neil Lott, Executive Director of PAH, and kneeling is Andre Nembhard, customer servie agent of PAH.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

January’s Cyclone Grayson shook the operations up at JFK Airport. The Port Authority was unhappy with the weather impact on the airport and had quickly instituted interim measures to correct customer dissatisfaction. A main area of concern was the number of travelers baggage that was either misplaced, or unavailable for customer collection during and soon after the storm.

As a result, Terminal One at JFK Airport has responded to the calls for improved baggage handling by the Port Authority. In conjunction with Pacific Atlantic Handling (PAH), a common use baggage services office has been established and is now open at the arrivals area of T1. This office has instituted a technologically advanced tracking and finding solution that can more quickly unite passengers with their checked bags.

According to Ti Executive Director, Steve Rowland, “ Our creation of this baggage service is to provide a better repatriation of lost or misplaced bags with the customer in a timely fashion. We have over 20 airlines in our terminal and it is our hope to work with all to create a better customer experience. This common use baggage service is prompt response to the Port Authority’s directive for improved customer satisfaction”.

According to Neil Lott, Executive Director of PAH, “ This is a one-stop web based solution. The big advance of PAH is our system which uses a world tracer software to find lost bags and reunite them with their owners. Our tracking service ties in with all the airlines who use our system, It tracks the entire process of the bags, allows faster locating of the bag, processes and tags bags, and provides a central location for pick up by airline delivery services for forwarding delivery of the bag to its owner.

This is an example of the improved customer service approach that the Port Authority has initiated as part of the grand Vision Plan set forth by Governor Cuomo as NY airports rebuild, grow and offer world class service to travelers

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