Community stakeholders and local businesses sound off on strategies to revitalize Corona

Photos courtesy of NYC SBS

Corona is among the three new neighborhoods throughout the city that was added to the Small Business Services’ Commercial District Needs Assessment initiative, according to SBS Commissioner Gregg Bishop on Wednesday.

The community-informed CDNA’s is a product SBS’ Neighborhood 360o Program, which involves extensive engagement with local organizations through meetings and surveys, and its aim is to highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and potential for certain opportunities in commercial districts throughout the city, according to SBS.

The purpose of the CDNA is also to support community-based stakeholders and small businesses in developing strategic revitalization projects for their commercial districts, according to SBS.

“The Commercial District Needs Assessments released today are a powerful tool for harnessing the potential of local commercial corridors,” said Bishop. “With these assessments, we’re empowering local communities to act strategically in building vibrant neighborhoods.”

The CDNA tool looks at existing conditions, business data, streetscape observations, the direct surveys and stakeholders meetings with merchants, vendors, shoppers, workers, property owners and residents, according to SBS. In Corona, over 550 firms and stakeholders participated in surveys.

One key finding for opportunities included installing a wayfinding system to guide foot traffic along the commercial corridor in Corona, which has more than 150,000 daily commuters, according to SBS.

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One of the neighborhood’s top challenges was a poor perception because of public safety at night, and a major strength was its devoted consumer base, according to the commercial assessment.

Cleaning and maintaining the public space, increasing the lighting for the 7 train and adding art installations around it, having businesses coordinate more with local precincts and connecting firms and community organizations with city resources were some of the additional ways to improve Corona.

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