Victoria’s Secrets: Giving thanks, and seeing Cher

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Why do I love Thanksgiving? Because it’s a universal holiday that we all can share!

It’s a holiday we can all share. For me, I enjoyed it at my daughter Samantha’s home; she will be welcoming 30 of us there. My staff is especially thankful this year, as we closed our office on Friday for a four-day weekend.

I’m very impressed and grateful to the people in the community who take time to give back, whether it be food pantries to help feed the homeless on Thanksgiving; or, as I saw this week on Long Island, boxers fighting their hearts out to raise money for local causes. They got the crowd screaming and yelling — and opening their pockets, too.

There are so many examples of such “acts of kindness” by our readers, and we will be featuring these each month.

Please send me acts of kindness by email to vschneps[@]gmail.com, and we’ll profile them. We are delighted to feature people who make our world a better place.

An extraordinary experience

Run, don’t walk, and do whatever it takes if you are a Broadway fan to see “The Cher Show” — something you don’t want to miss, in previews now at the majestic Neil Simon Theatre, and officially opens the beginning of December.

I was there last Sunday for the matinee performance and, to my amazement, when the lights went down just behind me on the aisle there was Cher herself, sitting with two friends.

She wore dark glasses, a black hat and scarf, and as I repeatedly turned back to see her reacting to the performers, she sat stone faced. After all she is one of the producers; I’d be anxious too if someone was portraying my life.

Cher has always been my favorite performer because of her grit, talent, survival skills and the ability to wear with grace and style the creative outlandish and stunning costumes that Bob Mackie created for her.

Her life story is told through the talents of three performers channeling Cher from her childhood to the present.

She was “discovered” at 16 years old by singer/producer Sonny Bono, who was a mature 27. Together their first album, “I’ve Got You Babe,” was an enormous success — and, as they say, the rest is history!

Her ups and devastating downs are played out with the talented performers who got a standing ovation as they sang their finale.

But for me, there was one dance performance that took my breath away with the gymnastic moves and ongoing singing. I take my hat off to choreographer Christopher Gattelli!

I’m so grateful to have been able to experience Cher’s life because I relate to those glorious highs and devastating lows. It’s a life well-lived and still rocks.

The powerful story, the music, the dancing, the costumes — it is truly theater at its best, and one of the few shows that I would see again. You should definitely see it for yourself!

Go, Cher, go!

Congratulations Claire!

congrats claire

I send my warmest congratulations to my dear friend Claire Shulman on the birth of her great-grandson, Colin Maxwell Brown. He came into the world on Thursday, Nov. 15, weighing 6 ½ pounds. The proud parents are Caroline Elizabeth Shulman Brown and Paul Kevin Brown.

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