Constellation wings its way to TWA Hotel at JFK Airport

Constellation wings its way to TWA Hotel at JFK Airport
The first wing of the TWA Hotel flies over to be part of the Constellation aircraft lounge at JFK Airport.
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

The TWA Hotel is due to open on May 15th. One key attraction of the Hotel is the use of a restored Lockheed Constellation aircraft affectionately called “Connie”. The Connie will be used as an on ground passenger lounge for a place to mingle and have a drink for travelers as well as hotel guests.

This piece of the project puzzle came together at JFK Airport, Terminal 5 as a huge crane hoisted it onto its temporary position on the TWA Hotel footprint as the first of two wings for the aircraft fuselage body. The fuselage and tail will follow shortly when all will be re-assembled for the hotel opening.

On hand were dozens of workers, hotel project managers and surprised arriving passengers from JetBlue as they saw the immense estimated 12 ton, approximately 60 foot long wing being swung over a retaining wall onto its new “tarmac” outside of the enormous glass windows of the former TWA terminal.

A bit of a breeze necessitated some control lines by the equipment handlers but all went smoothly as the metal glistened against the backdrop of the JFK Control Tower and the TWA sign being renovated for the opening.

One can also see hundreds of beds against the smoky glass windows as housekeep ping gets the 500 rooms ready for occupancy mid next month.

This unique addition to the hotel is expected to thrill many visitors. Unfortunately some of the thrill will be missing since the airspeed of the original Constellation was 380mph, the restored one at JFK will feel as if standing still.

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