Nonprofit justice group says prominent alt-right member who marched in Charlottesville has Flushing roots

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

One of the biggest content creators in the white supremacist alt-right movement resides in Flushing, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit watchdog group.

Joseph Jordan, a 30-year-old man from Flushing, inhabited the online pseudonym “Eric Striker” since at least 2015 while concealing his identity and pursuing a leadership role in the world of organized hate, according to an investigative report from SPLC Hatewatch, that conducted over a dozen interviews with people inside and outside of the alt-right movement.

A 2013 Queens College graduate with a history degree, Jordan is described as a man with “light olive skin, slicked-back hair and rockabilly sideburns,” according to the report.

“I cannot 100 percent prove that he’s in Flushing right now. The last known address he had was in Flushing and his family lives there,” Southern Poverty Law Center investigative reporter Michael Edison Hayden told QNS. “If he is supporting himself in someway I don’t know of, he could be somewhere staying at a friend’s house around the area. I just don’t know when he’s home or not or how he’s supporting himself.”

Jordan’s neighbors have seen him in Flushing recently, but they don’t see him as much on the block, according to Hayden. 

“We know that his mother and father is half Latinx, either their first or last name. A neighbor told me that she knew the family very well … that his mother is an immigrant from South America,” said Hayden. 

Using his Striker persona online, Jordan created a platform focusing his rhetoric on his desire to drive Jewish people out of America and warning his audience against the threat of an “underground homosexual culture,” according to the report. His targets included Jewish people and members of the LGBTQ community.

Jordan, as Striker, blamed Jewish people for the existence of LGBTQ people and baselessly equated same-sex attraction or transgenderism with pedophilia. Using his Twitter handle, @Strikerisnazbol, Jordan called another user “LGBTP,” switching out the letter “Q” for a queer with the letter “P” for pedophile — a slur commonly found on alt-right forums such as 4chan, according to the report.

Jordan’s Twitter account posts frequently about the people he believes are trying to destroy the alt-right, said Hayden.

On March 12, Jordan wrote that “FBI agents and journalists were colluding to use ‘brute force’ against the alt-right movement without offering any evidence to support the claim,” the report said. Jordan also called police officers “Pigs..Antifa with a badge” on March 13, referring to the arrests of two Proud Boys members on felony assault charges.

He is also the host of a downloadable audio show called “Strike and Mike” with an influential alt-right figure, Michael Peinovich, who hosted his own podcast “The Right Stuff.” Additionally, Jordan contributed to over 700 posts to the Neo-Nazi website, “The Daily Stormer” and appeared on hundreds of alt-right podcasts across dozens of shows, the report said.

Additionally, Jordan hosted an anti-Semitic YouTube livestream show called “The People’s Square” under his Striker persona, along with a co-host who goes by the pseudonym “Borzoi Boskovic.” Jordan’s podcasts and livestreams were pulling over $1,000 per month and more, said Hayden.

“Almost every major player in the movement has been identified at one point but then you have this one guy who is Jordan linked to Richard Spencer, David Duke, Mike Peinovich, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer — these are the most notorious white supremacists in the country, and here you have this guy who managed to stay anonymous somehow,” said Hayden.

According to Hayden, everyone in the alt-right uses a pseudonym, since their beliefs are unpopular and they don’t want their close friends and families to know what they’re doing. Suspected of being non-white by the movement, Jordan covered up his ID after being doxxed. 

In a video of a 2017 book burning ritual in upstate Fishkill, obtained by SPLC, Jordan (identified by others) is seen throwing up Hitler salutes over a fire of burning books as white nationalists yell slogans like “white Sharia” and “white Afghanistan.” White Sharia is a call by alt-right men to strip white women of their freedoms and reduce them to chattel, according to the article.

According to the SPLC, Jordan also participated in the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, in August 2017. Jordan (hiding his face behind sunglasses and a handkerchief) and Peinovich also participated together in the anti-immigration rally staged in front of the White House in December 2017. 

Since confirming the hidden identity of Jordan, Hayden said he has received messages from people in Queens denouncing the prominent alt-right figure.

“I’ve got people from Queens reaching out to me on social media saying, “‘I can’t believe this … we don’t want this in Queens,’” said Hayden. “People should be vocal in rejecting white supremacy and they have every right to be horrified that this individual is living in their community.”

However, Hayden said, “On the other hand, his fascist ideology is not popular and this is not by any means evidence that there are more people like this living in Queens. There are white supremacists in every city, but they’re not organizing on the streets here, and if they did, I feel pretty confident that the people in Queens would stand up and reject that extremely fast.”

In a statement to QNS,  City Councilman Peter Koo said, “Flushing is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. We are birthplace of religious freedom dating back to the 1600s with the signing of the Flushing Remonstrance. We embrace each other’s cultures, respect our differences and learn from one another. Hate speech and white supremacy have no place here, and the people of Queens will always condemn these intellectually and emotionally stunted ideologies whenever and wherever they surface.”