New study finds that Queens is among the least affordable counties for renters in the country

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A recent study found that “The World’s Borough” was among the most unaffordable place to rent not just in New York City, but across the country.

A new study from AdvisorSmith sought to find out which counties in the United States were among the least affordable for renters. According to their findings, while the Bronx and Kings counties held the first and third spots, respectively, Queens came in as the eight least affordable county for renters in the nation.

The study found that the average Queens household has 2.86 people and has a median income of $69,320. With the weighted monthly rent sitting at $2,097.74, this puts the income-to-rent ratio at 36.3 percent.

When comparing against just the larger counties in the United States, Queens moves its way up the list, becoming the sixth least affordable large county in the country.. The Bronx and Kings County, both classified as large counties as well, still held their spots at number one and number three, respectively.

Read the full report at advisorsmith.com.