Queens Historical Society offers online workshops to help fight idle minds

Photo courtesy of the Queens Historical Society.


While the Queens Historical Society (QHS) may be temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, they are not letting that stop them from spreading their love of historical education.

Beginning March 30, QHS is offering online workshops to assist in keeping children, young adults, parents, teachers and the generally curious busy during this age of social distancing.

There are currently two workshops led by education and outreach coordinator Jeran Halfpap, which are both available through Google Hangouts. Anyone wishing to partake in the workshops can visit QHS’s website and sign up for Digital Visit Tickets. 

The first workshop, “Census 2020: Backwards and Beyond,” focuses on the importance of the census and gives data that participants can use to analyze records and see how demographics have changed over the years.

The second, called “Colonial Toys and Games,” teaches children about how children of the 19th century entertained themselves. 

QHS is continuing to put together material for more workshops to aid in the enrichment of the mind during this particularly dull, yet stressful, season. This includes workshops focused on the underground railroad and on Native American archeology.

More information is available on the Queens Historical Society’s website.