Seven easy DIY Easter egg designs for families

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Every Easter, my family and I dye eggs. It is something they look forward to, and somehow through the years, our egg dying goals become even more creative. What Christmas is to some families, Easter is our jam.

The kids and I love a good Easter egg, but the fun part of dying eggs is to use anything from a simple craft tool to what we have in the house. The eggs end up looking like little works of art or a basket of gorgeous whimsical colors.

We, of course, love a store dye kit, but this year most of us have limited shopping resources available to us since running to a store to pick up an Easter kit is not a super-priority.

The good news is that there is so much we can do with what we have at home, so check out our favorite seven easy DIY Easter egg designers to do with your kids and get your craft on!

Painted Easter Eggs

Let the kids show off their inner Basquiat by using the paints you already have at home. Whether it’s rainbow or splashes of color, the kids will have fun making these creative (and edible) masterpieces! @ourrobinsnest

Food Coloring Easter Eggs

If you already have food coloring in your pantry, then you have everything you need for bright and colorful Easter eggs. We love this chart to use as a reference point on mixing colors; it is pretty impressive how many colors can be mixed up to create a plate of gorgeous hues. @andiemmitchell

Tattoo Eggs

If you have kid tattoos lying around, you can tat up organic or white eggs in minutes. For these eggs, a drop of food coloring was used to get the pale color, and eggs sat in water for only one to three minutes to achieve the pale color palette. @motherburg

Fun Mexican Fiesta Eggs

These eggs created by Lola Dweck may just be the best Easter egg craft I have seen in years, and they are total #goals for this Latina mama. The best part is that you only need a few supplies that you most likely have in your craft drawer. @lolascocina

DIY Natural Dye Eggs

Did you know red wine makes a pretty darn good-looking Easter egg? And there is plenty of red wine in my kitchen these quarantine days. Other ingredients that make natural dye hues are saffron, coffee (again, lots of this on hand!), spinach (check ✓), onions, beets and more. We love this tutorial from Wholefoods. @greenifyme

Galactic Eggs

For these galactic Easter eggs, I used this kit, but in the end, the eggs felt too bright, and my oldest and I were going for a more “realistic” galaxy palette. So we ended up darkening the colors and adding our spin with food dye to our creations. The kit is pretty easy if you would like bright eggs, or try this tutorial which is spot-on for making your own out-of-this-world eggs. @motherburg

Sharpie Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t have a sharpie or a non-permanent marker if you plan to eat your eggs? Have the kids draw up or write inspirational words with pretty bordering. @landhaus_l.i.e.b.e

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