‘You are the true heroes’: St. John’s Episcopal Hospital celebrates its health care workers with long round of applause

Costumed Superheroes
Photo courtesy of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital.

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital celebrated it’s health care workers on National Superheroes Day with lunch and a round of applause that lasted an hour and a half.

The Far Rockaway hospital’s senior management and executives lined up around the hospital’s main entrance, while observing social distancing guidelines, and began to clap at 7 a.m., on Tuesday, April 28.

“It’s been a rough two months,” said Jerry Walsh, CEO of St. John’s Episcopal. Speaking to his staff, Walsh said, “you are the true heroes, and as we recognize you on National Superheroes Day, know that we appreciate each and every one of you every day all year round.”

Several elected officials and a group of costumed superheroes joined the celebration to honor the healthcare workers who have been working in an area hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The health care workers clocking in every day to our hospitals and health centers are nothing short of heroes,” said Congressman Gregory Meeks. “Our nation owes them all a bottomless debt of gratitude and a great deal more for their bravery and self-sacrifice.”

Councilmen Donovan Richards and Eric Ulrich were also at St. John’s Episcopal to celebrate frontline workers.

“As healthcare workers, you are the true heroes. Each day you risk your lives to saves others,” Richards said.

“Our office is doing everything we can to support the dedicated medical professionals on the front lines of this crisis. This was just another opportunity to show our support,” Ulrich said.