Bayside Historical Society presents virtual art show for the month of February

“One Trick Peony” by student artist Daniella Y.

Throughout the month of February, art lovers will get the chance view works by local creators at the Bayside Historical Society’s (BHS) first-ever virtual art show.

This year marks the 20th consecutive year for the BHS exhibition, which due to COVID-19, was transitioned to an online platform. This year, a total of 42 Queens artist working in various mediums, are displaying their works in virtual “galleries” open to the public for the whole month of February. The art show will also feature the works of 19 young artists who currently attend Bayside High School.

The following artists are participating:

  • Willy Airaldi
  • Charles Bentz
  • Rosetta Bentz
  • Sheila Blunt
  • Patricia Brintle
  • Charles Castellino
  • Effie Cavaseno
  • Maureen Chen
  • Brianna Dennis
  • Audrey Dove
  • EL
  • Susan Fiebert
  • Giovanni Gelardi
  • Kevin Goetzger
  • Barbara Griffel
  • Elaine Hajian
  • Adam Hardy
  • Donna Hovi
  • Dominika Juraszek
  • Ellen Katcher
  • Sue Kendzierski
  • Wing Kong
  • Marilyn Lamy
  • Madeline Lovallo
  • Joseph Marziliano
  • Kerri McKay
  • Laura McManus
  • Timothy Peters
  • Claudia Schellenberg
  • Bibi Shariff
  • Elizabeth Sheehan
  • Barbara Silbert
  • Alacia Stubbs
  • Thomas Surprenant
  • Ana Tiburcio-Rivera
  • Aphrodite Vairaktaris
  • Christiana Vasilas
  • Barbara Vinitz
  • Charles ViVona
  • Terri Will
  • Anna Yefroyev
  • Anna Zaderman

On the BHS website, visitors have the options to enter the main art gallery or the student galleries. Some of the original art will also be available for purchase.

Visit baysidehistorical.org/events to learn more.