Victoria’s Secrets: A serene luxurious escape

The Inn is set in the middle of the woods.

I recently hosted a bustling business networking event at the beautiful Blu Mar Hamptons restaurant in Southampton and met Veronica Nasary.

Formerly of Roslyn, she was the CFO of her husband’s business, but recently got divorced. She followed her dream and opened an exclusive private inn on the North Fork of Long Island called Inn the Vineyard Nofo.

She found a secluded house and barn that had strangely been abandoned for five years. To get to the charming house that sits on 8 acres of tree-filled land, one must drive on a winding road through the Macari Vineyards.

Veronica had insight and the ability to create her dream getaway. With great talent in decorating and knowledge of the details that make a luxury inn, she fearlessly opened in the middle of the pandemic and I had the good fortune to recently spend a night there.

If you need an escape from the frenetic comeback of our world, or just a place to recharge yourself, this is it!

When my friend Joan and I plugged in the code to open the black steel gates leading to the inn,  I felt transported to another world. The curving road through the thick woods revealed a charming large house and nearby barn, and Veronica greeted us at the front door.

Joan and I unpacked our overnight bags from the car and entered her luxurious world. Up the stairs was my three-room suite that consisted of a sleeping area, sitting room and an enormous, yet intimate bathroom with a huge, old-fashioned bathtub and rich, thick robes and towels.

My luxurious bedroom at Veronica Nasary’s exclusive private Inn.
Luxury all the way!

Veronica greeted us in our room with a platter of cheese and fruit that accompanied white wine from a North Fork vineyard. 

We chatted for a while before we had our massages. The massage table was in my sitting room, so I didn’t have to leave my suite!

After the masterful massage, I crept into the gigantic king-sized bed to take a nap. The soft eucalyptus sheets and mushy down pillow made me feel I was sleeping on a cloud. I fell asleep instantly and only when my alarm went off did I awake to prepare for dinner.

Veronica has a world-class chef who prepared a farm-to-table meal in our sitting room. Talk about a lazy retreat! 

The meal began with an arugula salad with shaved parmesan and a champagne vinaigrette sauce, followed by perfectly spiced shrimp on a skewer. 

Our next dish was a fall-off-the-fork sea bass that melted in my mouth. It was prepared on a bed of cauliflower and vegetables. How delicious!

Finishing off the spectacular meal was a mouthwatering brownie accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was a great treat for the palate and the eyes, all accompanied by local wines.

The brownie dessert looked good and tasted delicious!

Veronica personally delivered the dishes to our luxuriously set table. The linens, napkins, dishes and glasses were of the finest quality — it was like dining in a five-star restaurant. Veronica pays attention to the details and gets them right!

Veronica has worked tirelessly to make the Inn into a luxurious destination.

The building only has a few bedrooms and downstairs, there is an indoor pool, a gym and a sauna, and outside is a hot tub. As I went for a morning swim, I looked through the high windows at the lush trees surrounding the property. 

Veronica has great plans for the inn and said with a smile on her face, “When it’s ready, I hope to host private weddings and even officiate.”

Veronica has worked tirelessly to make her home a perfect luxurious getaway on the beautiful and unique North Fork of Long Island.

Try it and you, too, will love this remarkable retreat!

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