Maspeth street light shines again after repairs

Maspeth street light
Photo via Google Maps

For the first time in several months, the Andrews Avenue bridge in Maspeth has a source of light at night coming from something other than the Metropolitan Oval Soccer Field. As of Aug. 11, the street light there is now fully operational.

Prior to the light being restored, several Maspeth community members expressed safety concerns about the area due to a lack of light there on many nights. At least one resident believed the darkness in the area at least played a role in a car accident that occurred there in late July.

After the problem with the light was made known to Community Board 5 on multiple occasions, they reached out to the New York City Department of Transportation to have them take a look at the light and correct the problem.

There had previously been concerns from Community Board 5 District Manager Gary Giordano that the reason the light hadn’t been fixed sooner was because the issue with it was an electrical problem. He had noted that when a street light still was not working for a period of time after complaints had been made, electrical problems were typically the main issue.

In addition to the light on the Andrews Avenue bridge being fixed, another problem expressed by the community was also corrected. Two dead trees on 60th Street have recently been cut down and the debris left behind has since been cleaned up.

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