WalletHub ranks Queensborough Community College as state’s No. 1 community college for education, value

Photo courtesy of Ethan Marshall

WalletHub recently ranked Queensborough Community College (QCC) as the best community college in New York state for education and value. This ranking came shortly before the fall 2022 semester began on Aug. 25.

In addition to being ranked as the best community college in New York state, QCC was also listed as being among the best community colleges in the United States for the fifth consecutive year. QCC’s inclusion was based upon its education outcomes, career outcomes and affordability.

Photo by Ethan Marshall

Queensborough Community College President Dr. Christine Mangino said she is proud of the recognition the school has earned and happy to welcome both new and returning students back to the university for the fall semester.

“Two days ago, we had tours for our students to see the campus and we had about 100 students in the lobby of a building and they had a grin from ear to ear,” Dr. Mangino said. “We’re expecting about 5,400 students on campus today. [The WalletHub ranking] reaffirmed what we know. We have all these accredited programs — nursing, arts, theater, engineering and music — and that sets a standard.”

Over 650 community colleges across the country were studied by WalletHub across 19 indicators of quality and affordability. WalletHub’s data set ranged from in-state tuition costs and fees to the ratio between students and faculty and the graduation rates among those who attended each school.

Photo by Ethan Marshall

Approximately 90% of QCC’s students graduate without federal loan student debt. This is due in large part to the generous financial aid available to these students. The fee per credit at QCC can be as low as $210, significantly lower than most other undergraduate fees at schools in New York City, which can be up to seven times that amount. According to WalletHub, the lower costs of QCC are especially enticing today, as community colleges have become more attractive due to inflation and fallout from the pandemic putting some families in financial risk.

Dr. Mangino noted that the number of students attending the university isn’t as high as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she said the amount for the fall 2022 semester represents a sharp increase from last year. She is hopeful the number will soon return to what it was prior to the pandemic and maybe even surpass it.

QCC is one of the country’s most diverse universities. Graduates from the school have earned a national reputation for upward mobility thanks in part to the school’s strong background. According to WalletHub, their study showed the median salaries for QCC graduates to be among the highest in the country.

Many QCC graduates continue to look out for the school that helped them. For example, class of 2020 graduate Jason Bhimani now works for the school in new student engagement. According to Bhimani, much of his work involves recruiting new students to the university, going to high schools and speaking to the students there about QCC. He wants others to have as positive an experience at QCC as he did.

“It’s amazing to see that there are students back on campus [after the pandemic],” Bhimani said. “I love the faculty and staff here and they’re really kind. They always helped me when I wanted to get work on campus. When I graduated, I just couldn’t really see myself leaving and decided I wanted to stay and it was definitely the best decision.”