Port Authority Challenges and Changes at JFK Airport Redevelopment

JFK Airport Transformation
Port Authority asks for public support and undertanding
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

Port Authority asks for public support and undertandingPhoto by Jeff Yapalater
Port Authority talks JFK Airport Transformation
Exec. Dir. Rick Cotton shares upcoming challenges to travelers

Executive Director of the Port Rick Cotton, and JFK Redevelopment Project Executive Jessica Forse gave an overview update of the Redevelopment Master Plan for JFK Airport. Of major Port concern is the flow of traffic in, out and around of the airport and the challenges it will bring to the airport community and passengers.
He shared news that the AirTrain will stop servicing Terminal 1 beginning in early May and that a “bridge” bus will shuttle the T1 travelers from the AirTrain stop at Terminal 8 to Terminal 1. All other AirTrain stops will remain from Jamaica and Federal Circle.
Cotton rode along with the local press on a Port bus and stopped to show the expansive ongoing construction at Terminals 1 and 6 while describing the measures the Port is taking to minimize inconveniences during the next 5 years construction.
A stop was made at the Airport Operations Center where there is a large room with dozens of monitors and video feeds from cameras all around the airport showing current “pinch points” that create congestion. JFK General Manager Teresa Rizzuto said that the creation of the Traffic Management system will help to see trouble spots and bring in resources to mitigate the traffic delays during the ongoing redevelopment.
Cotton asked for the public to understand the “challenges and changes” that will impact the public while keeping the airport continuing to serve passengers throughout the redevelopment.