Powells Cove Boulevard in Whitestone to be repaved: Stavisky

Powells Cove Boulevard
Senator Toby Ann Stavisky points to the bumpy road in a neglected stretch of Powells Cove Boulevard.
Courtesy of Stavisky’s office

The city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) will be repaving Powells Cove Boulevard between 162nd Street and Totten Street in Whitestone later this month, according to state Senator Toby Ann Stavisky.

The paving will begin in late September and run into October, according to Stavisky. Powells Cove Boulevard was previously only paved from 154th Street to 162nd Street.

Stavisky said she first began conversations with the DOT about repaving the neglected part of the boulevard in June 2022.

“Regular truck deliveries, along with express and local bus service have led to deterioration of the road,” Stavisky said.“I have seen this firsthand and heard from countless residents in the area about the dreadful conditions on Powells Cove. I want to thank Queens Borough Commissioner Nicole Garcia and her team for making the repair a priority. The presidents of these affected co-ops — Cryder Point, Cryder House and Le Havre — played an essential role in the approval process.”

Locals in the are were relived that the issue was finally being resolved.

“On behalf of the residents of Le Havre Owners Corporation and Board President Stanley Greenberg, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Senator Toby Stavisky for her hard work and perseverance in getting Powells Cove Boulevard finally repaved,” said General Manager of Le Harvre Owners Corporation Margaret Costello. “We look forward to having this much overdue work completed in the next few weeks as it is such a detriment to pedestrians and automobiles.”

Meanwhile, Harvey Latterman, the president of Cryder House, wanted to thank Stavisky for advocating for the repaving.

“It is the only entry point to our building and so it means a lot to all of us. Requests were made to others but Senator Stavisky got the job done,” Latterman said.

Jill Davis, the immediate past president of the Cryder Point Owners Corporation, also applauded Stavisky for her effort.

“We at Cryder Point are very appreciative of Toby’s work to rectify this situation. We’ve been working with her for several months on this issue and know it’s been a bumpy road (pardon the pun). In all candor, I’m not sure this would be happening without Toby’s diligence, and on behalf of all residents, as well as anyone who navigates this stretch of Powells Cove Boulevard, I can only give a resounding ‘thank you’ to Toby for all her hard work and perseverance to see that this gets done,” Davis said.