Community pharmacy XOXO in Bayside marks first year anniversary

XOXO Pharmacy on Bell Boulevard recently marked one year in Bayside.
Photo courtesy of Winnie Lai

Winnie Lai, the owner of XOXO Pharmacy on Bell Boulevard, says her store has quickly become a one-stop destination for the Bayside community since opening just over a year ago. 

“People who visit my pharmacy know they will always be treated kindly and respectfully,” said Lai, who has lived in Queens her whole life. “When I decided to open XOXO, it was important to me to create a family-like atmosphere with full attention devoted to my customers.”

Like any pharmacy, the shop offers a range of over the counter medications and health products as well as prescription refills and transfers. But it also offers additional services such as nutrient depletion counseling, immunizations for travel and assistance for seniors in enrolling in Medicare. 

The local pharmacy hopes to draw in customers away from big name retailers by providing a family atmosphere.Photo courtesy of Winnie Lai

Prior to starting her own business, Lai had over 18 years of experience which included working at big name pharmacies such as CVS and Rite Aid. Her work focused on restructuring poorly run stores to provide a better experience for customers. She was able to easily transfer her experience into running a community pharmacy. 

“Unlike BIG Pharma who focus on their stockholders, store metrics, and overworking their staff while cutting their hours, my pharmacy prioritizes the sick, elderly, children, and the unfortunate,” said Lai. “We are available to the public for medical questions, interventions, interactions, OTC remedies, really anything.”

She also wanted to sell other popular goods at her store and has a dedicated section for home decor and gifts. The gift shop section features cards, toys and gift cards, making it a one-stop destination where locals can support a small business instead of a big name store while running errands. 

“I hope that members of the Bayside community will visit XOXO Pharmacy, Inc.” says Lai. “They will see, first hand, that we provide expert care, reliable fast friendly service, great pharmacy hours, customer support, the lowest out-of-pocket costs possible, and free delivery.

The store is located at 43-21 Bell Blvd. and is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.