Victoria’s Secrets: Good times

Seen at the JCRC-NY 2024 Gala are JCRC-NY Chair of the Board Cheryl Fishbein, Consul General of Israel to New York Ambassador Ofir Akunis, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards & Rabbi Michael Miller

My late husband Stu Yunis was a brilliant nephrologist who had a passion for adventure.

During our 10-year powerful and loving marriage, he got great joy in planning and then visiting exotic places. From pursuing foie gras in France, to exotic elephant riding in Thailand, to visiting his beloved Israel to see his cousins, to a cruise from Hong Kong to the great cities of Vietnam ending in Singapore, to our last trip to northern India’s Rajasthan region, I treasured our trips together.

My favorite — after Israel, of course — was India. We almost didn’t get into the country because after arriving from the 20-hour flight to Delhi, we were asked where our visa was. We didn’t have one!

The security people took us out of the immigration line and told us we must go back to the states. In the tiny, claustrophobic interrogation room with white-painted walls, I began crying and asked to speak to the supervisor.

In short order, he arrived and we explained we used an Israeli tour guide and no visa is needed from Israel to India! With my sobs filling the air, the supervisor gave us a temporary 12-day visa — we originally planned an 18-day visit — saying we can get an extension in one of the cities we were visiting! 

We never got the extended visa and at our last stop, Mumbai, we were told to go to Delhi for the extension. We had to leave the country in 24 hours and we did after spending every last minute being enthralled by the pulse of the city and getting into our airplane seats at the stroke of midnight. 

From the exotic colors, to the beautiful elephants we saw and rode, to the historic buildings we visited, such as the temple where the Kamasutra was born and the majestic Taj Mahal, to the bustling streets filled with three-wheel Tata taxis, I loved every minute. 

Of course, the best part of traveling was the people we met in each city.

I am a lover of Indian food and fortunately I found a great meal at Saaz in Southampton on County Road 39, just east of our Dan’s Papers office.

Saaz owner Sam Mohan holding fish dumplings, not to be missed!

Owned for decades by a husband-and-wife team, I visited there with my friends after passing it by for years. All I can say is that if you’re looking for a delicious dinner, make the stop to Saaz for its welcoming environment and tasty food. They offer a buffet luncheon that’s a great value and a perfect way to sample their delectable dishes.

For more information, visit saazsouthampton.com.

Try it and you, too, will love it!

Love to you, my dear readers.


A world-class experience

Old friend Ian Linde called and said his friend Rachel Lozina, from Oyster Bay, opened the Blue Water Spa in Southampton in its own building just behind the iconic Hildreth’s, the landmark store on Main Street.

At the front door of the spa sits a turquoise/blue bicycle with a flower-filled basket that perfectly set the tone as I walked into the stunning interior with old white-stained plank floors from when the building housed a thrift shop for decades.

Rachel and her husband gutted the building and have created a stunning, warm, inviting and relaxing environment.

Rachel Lozina, owner of Blue Water Spa in Southampton

Her decades-old successful spa in Oyster Bay is now here in Southampton, bringing her world-class experience as an esthetician to the Hamptons. 

I nuzzled in a soft blanket on a warm heated table to have my facial and I instantly knew I was in the hands of an expert! 

In her other spa rooms, she has remarkable services that include body sculpting machines that I will definitely try on my next visit!

I loved that she had facials with services including “the plump,” “sonic lift” and “the ultimate,” just to name a few.

What a great way to protect and restore your skin at the hands of a world-class expert! She even makes house calls if you can’t make it to her “hideaway.”

For more information, visit bluewaterspany.com/location-southampton.

Try it and you, too, will love it!


Seen around town 

Louise Braver and Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright at our Rose Soirée event
Betsy & Michael Torres at a Dan’s Taste event