Queens Reps United Against Impeachment

  The entire Queens Congressional delegation — all Democrats — voted against all three articles of impeachment against President Clinton in last Saturday’s historic vote.For one of the representatives, it was the second time he got to vote against impeachment. Rep. Charles Schumer (Queens’ 9th District) voted as a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and then again when the issue came before the entire House last weekend. Since Schumer will become the U.S. Senator from New York in January, he could be in the position to vote for a third time should the trial proceed to a full conclusion in the Senate.
"This vote for impeachment is a black eye on American history," Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens’ 6th Congressional District told The Queens Courier following the vote. "It’s a sad day also when Hustler magazine decides who will be the Speaker of the House," he said referring to the porn magazine’s revelations about House Speaker-elect Robert Livingston’s extramarital affairs which led to his surprise resignation on the day of the impeachment vote. Meeks added, "We have lowered the standards of the Constitution and we must resolve this matter quickly. We must step to a higher level."
Rep. Gary Ackerman (Queens’ 5th District) said he questioned why he was even in Congress. "I promised myself a long time ago that the day I no longer have fun when I come here, that I will leave." He added "I am now not having fun but I’m reneging on my vow. I am resolved to fight this thing and what the Republicans are doing."
Rep. Nita Lowey (Queens’ 18th District) said that "Make no mistake. Not all coups are accompanied by the sound of marching boots and rolling tanks. Some—like today— are wrapped in a Constitutional veneer softened by pious assertions of solemn obligation and duty. But the result is the same."
(The text of Lowey’s and Meek’s remarks appear on page 10.)
The other Queens members who voted against impeachment were Nydia Velasquez (12th District), Carolyn Maloney (14th District) and Thomas Manton (7th District).

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