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AQA’s Fiber Arts Fest features handmade costumes, sculpture

AQA Gallery, the Alliance of Queens Artists, presents “Fiber Arts Fest!,” a dramatic and exciting exhibition of fiber arts works created by seven talented women artists from New York, some of whom are considered leaders in their respective field

Fiber arts are and always have been, an integral part of a society’s everyday and spiritual life, not created separately from it. Deriving primarily from materials found in nature, hand made utilitarian and decorative works of varying styles, usage, and dÈcor speak definitively through the ages of a people, a time, and a place. Works in this event will include the use of fiber materials (including fabric) and/or plant sources, sometimes combined with mixed-media applications preferred by the various artists in their striking compositions that infuse elements of the past, present, and future with a contemporary viewpoint.

D’Jak, the show’s curator and a well-known local artist, designed this invitational exhibit. “The intention of Fiber Arts Fest! is to present a collection of extraordinary, innovative and inspired works of the chosen artists whose offerings are not the standard art museum fare,” shhe said. “Attendees will have the chance to experience and appreciate the originality, quality, and sophistication of the engaging fiber works in this show. Although this exhibition is excellent for all ages, we especially encourage children and young adults to visit the AQA Gallery for this special event.”

Visitors can look forward to seeing the world’s most amazing basket-woven works created as oversized insect and animal-spirit sculpture/costume, 3D sculptural sci-fi tapestry, quilt work, fantasy dolls, conceptual knitted objects, charming puppets, traditional strip-loomed West African Kente cloth, ornate Central Asian-Middle Eastern dance costume, plus a fashion surprise designed by high schoolers from Holy Trinity Diocesan High School in Hicksville, N.Y. Each artist will cast their own particular spell on you with their special and imaginative way of creating fabulous works with the simplest tools: needles, thread, reed, fabric and paper.

There will be a video installation during the entire run of Fiber Arts Fest! showing some of the participating artists to provide gallery visitors the opportunity to more fully appreciate these amazing artists and their vision.

With the innovative Fiber Arts Fest! AQA Gallery and Arts Center continues it’s 23-year mission of bringing creative visions and ideas to the forefront of the borough and encourages any and all who wish to participate in the visual arts to visit our gallery space in Forest Hills.

For directions go to www.arts4u.org or call the AQA Gallery at 718-520-9842


Saturday, May 10, 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

AQA will celebrate Dr. Luberta May’s winning of the Queensborough Public Library/Alliance of Queens Artists (AQA) “Individual Artist Award 2003.” The reception will also include live performances by Annie Hickman (“Art of the Bug Lady”) with her magical basket-woven and fabric animal and insect/spirit costumes and Anoush, with Central Asian-Middle Eastern dance in one of her elaborate hand-created costumes starting at 3:30 p.m.

May 17, 3 p.m.    

Dr. Luberta Mays, West African Kente cloth weaving: discussion of the famous painted patterns of the “Ndebele Tribe”    

May 24, 3 p.m.    

Artist Gallery Talk TBA — call AQA for info

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