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Queens Scores On 4th Grade Tests

Queens’ fourth and eighth graders rang up New York City’s highest scores in special mathematics tests given by the State Department of Education in the spring.
More than one-third of Queens’ 176 fourth grade schools achieved an over-90 percent passing score, with youngsters in District 27 showing the greatest improvement.
More than eight out of every 10 Queens fourth graders passed their math tests, an eight percent higher rate than the city overall. Borough eighth graders scored 10 percent higher than their city counterparts.
Congratulating principals, teachers, parents and students, “on a truly remarkable year,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the sharp hike in fourth grade scores, “another encouraging sign that our reforms are taking hold.”
A review of citywide test scores revealed a steady three-year improvement that has been paced by Queens’ 176 elementary schools. This was helped by the 26th District’s latest 97 percent passing average for its 1,753 fourth grade students, and was further bolstered by 20 of its 21 schools boasting an above-90 percent passing average. More than 40,000 Queens fourth graders were tested.
Despite these high citywide averages, the test results revealed a down side for the 20,000 eighth graders’ math marks. Although they averaged higher scores than their out-of-borough counterparts, half of Queens students about to enter high school were unable to pass the exam.
Mary Kojes, principal of PS 122 in Long Island City for eight years, all of whose eighth graders met or exceeded state standards, explained that her students succeeded because of a multi-phase program her school has implemented. It includes energized teachers, motivated students and involved parents.
Despite the praise, the report revealed some glaring educational problems in Queens:
Victor Ross is a freelance writer.

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