How’s Business? Eat at Joe’s

By Joe Palumbo III

Joe's Best Burger is just a little higher tech than “Happy Days.” New and welcome are the plasma screen TVs with local news and the tunes playing via XM Satellite Radio. Joe's Best Burger opened in late 2005 and has gained a strong following from teens to adults. The menu is classic fast-food burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, but the part that is alluring is that each order is cooked fresh and not taken off a warming tray Ð the food comes to you hot and crispy. You also have an option of raw or grilled onions, a nice option for your burger. A cheeseburger combo meal costs around $4 and comes with fries and soda. You can create a double, triple and home run stack burger for a dollar more per layer. Joe's also offers delicious vanilla and hot fudge shakes that taste like ice cream in the $2 range. The wait time isn't that bad, considering the food is being cooked fresh. It does take a little bit longer to receive your order than the norm, but usually your meal is served in approximately five minutes. The lines can be a little longer at times (that should say something about the food) and when you're hungry five minutes can sometimes seem like forever. But remember, “good things come to those who wait.” So How's Business in regards to Joe's Best Burger? Don't forget at Joe's to “Get a Deal.” This is an offer to buy a shake or cookies for about 50 cents or so more, while ringing up your order. Joe's can cost a little bit more than typical fast food, but is worth the extra money for the quality of food and service. Joe's also offers high chairs and changing tables in the bathroom, when the whole family is enjoying a meal out together. Joseph J. Palumbo III is a managing partner for the Palco Group. Joe can be reached toll free at (888) 670-0241 (ext. 124), or at jp@palcogroup.com. You can visit at www.palcogroup.com

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