Idle Idolizations

Lindsay Lohan’s ordeals beg the question: Why do we look up to celebrities with low morals?
Lights, camera, accident! Lohan crashed her Mercedes into a shrub on Sunset Boulevard recently. No, she wasn’t paid extra to do her own stunts.
She was under the influence. Yet again. Therefore, she checked herself into rehab. Yet again. Lohan along with many other Hollywood celebrities are notorious for their wild, party-going lifestyles.
They could care less about their health, their careers, their reputation, the message they are sending to young girls everywhere who look up to them and aspire to be just like them.
If these celebrities could care less about themselves, then why should we care about them? Do we need to put them on a pedestal? They already grace the covers of magazines, the publications that should be giving girls good role models.
We should not aspire to become these people - selfish spoiled celebrities who waste their opportunities in this world being wasted.
They are the A-list: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears to name a few. Now when I say A-list, I am not referring to celebrity status. A as in alcohol. They have all been charged with DUI’s or gone to rehab for their love of liquor and the nightlife.
In reality, they need to get a life and so do we. We need to stop obsessing over them. If these girls, these so-called talented Hollywood stars and pop singers are always intoxicated, why are the media and the nation intoxicated with them?
Many other girls actually contribute to society, yet they go unnoticed. We are fixated on celebrities who seem to have no appreciation for how lucky they are. We always seem to extend them second helpings of second chances.
What is Paris Hilton famous for - being rich, her sex tape, or for saying, “That’s hot?” Nicole Richie is famous for being Paris Hilton’s best friend and worst enemy. All of these “superstars” are more like super novas.
Lindsay Lohan parties way too hard, and she does not even act professionally on the set of her movies. She may be a good actress but she is a bad influence on young girls across the nation.
We must find real role models. We should all start with ourselves.

This article appeared on My Teen blog at khou.com

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