Juilliard students come to Forest Hills

Sterling Glen of Forest Hills welcomed performances from Juilliard students through a new program at the senior assisted living center. Performances are free for the residents of Sterling Glen and free and open to the public.
“We’ve never had something like that here,” said Charlene Shaw, activities director of Sterling Glen, who said the program began in April of this year. “Everyone has been proud of the program.”
The students come to perform at Sterling Glen once per month, and it has quickly become a popular event among the residents with more than 125 guests gathered for the performance in September. The program features performances from every aspect of the artistic departments provided at Juilliard including performances by drama and dance students.
Shaw implemented the new program with the help of Juilliard students after she had success with a similar program at her previous job in Manhattan.
This is the first time that the Juilliard students have performed in Queens through the Gluck Community Service Fellowship Program, designed more than a decade ago, to help students serve the community through their artistic talents.
“The Gluck Community Service Fellowship Program enables Sterling Glen to offer exceptional cultural experiences to our residents while encouraging intergenerational opportunities for the students and our senior residents, many of whom have studied the arts,” Shaw said. “The power of music is quite therapeutic and relaxing as well.”
In addition to the warm reception that the residents of Sterling Glen have given the program, the students have also enjoyed it.
“The Juilliard students’ experiences in the Gluck Community Service Fellowship Program form their careers and support the development of a personal commitment to community service,” said Dr. Robert Brooks, director of Educational Outreach at The Juilliard School.
The performances are expected to continue every month until June of 2008.
“It has been lovely,” Shaw said. “We are hoping to pursue it every year.”

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