McDonald’s House seeks kid volunteers

This summer children can make a difference in someone else’s life by helping one another by participating in the Kids Helping Kids program developed by the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park, Long Island.
The Ronald McDonald House is asking teachers and administrators to help push school-age children to learn the value of community service by helping families with ill children within their community, country and world. Individuals interested in volunteering for Kids Helping Kids should contact Michael Pfeiffer, the volunteer project manager, at 718-343-5683, Ext. 133.
The goal of Kids Helping Kids is to create an understanding that children can help other children who are in need of serious medical attention at hospitals located within their area.
One of the driving points of Kids Helping Kids is that students can get involved in a number of ways, such as organizing a school-wide walk-a-thon, bake sale or math-a-thon fundraiser to help families at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.
A subdivision within this program, geared towards younger school-age children, is Little Hands Helping Little Hands, a successful initiative that teaches younger children that they can make a difference to those in need, regardless of their age.
Students that participate in the Kids Helping Kids program will be given a special gift from the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. The school or organization involved will also receive a Certificate of Recognition for taking part in this program.
Visit www.rmhlongisland.org for more information on Kids Helping Kids or the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.

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