Jamaica resident D.E. Boone released his debut book, Legs Talk, in February, trying to show people that they can laugh at their bad relationships and look for one that will be better the next time around.
Writing is something that Boone has always wanted to do, having previously published some short stories and articles. He said he always had a passion for it, but had been sidetracked.
“This particular project just took my attention and I dove in,” Boone said of his first book, adding that when he is not writing he feels as though something is missing.
Legs Talk uses photos of a pair of woman’s legs and text to tell the story of one woman’s relationship. The idea for the book first came about a few years ago when Boone was listening to a friend from Thailand complain about her boyfriend. They initially joked about doing a series of greeting cards with a “you need to do better” message in them.
Boone started working on the greeting card line but decided instead to put it together with a narrative that would take the reader from the beginning of a relationship to its end. As a fan of classic movies, Boone noticed that legs seemed to be an important aspect and soon decided to make them a part of his own storyline.
“I thought they had a lot to say,” Boone said.
The approach Boone, who has a background in graphic design, used to put together the book was similar to what he would have done had he been making a film, including putting together storyboards. As he got started, Boone spoke with many of his female friends to fully understand the perspective of a female, saying that he learned a lot through doing so. He also wanted to create a book that both genders could enjoy.
Boone said that as the book continued to come together, he decided to give it a little attitude and make it quirky. He also wanted to have it be empowering and show that people can laugh at their failed relationships and just make the next one better. He also said that the ultimate theme is that a woman’s next boyfriend will be normal.
“It just took on a life of its own,” he said.
Boone, who works as a paralegal for a non-profit organization, said that the book took about two years to complete. The photographs for Legs Talk were taken by Marc Burgess and the modeling was done by Natsuko Koizumi.
“We had so much fun with the photo shoot,” Boone said.
So far, Boone said that the feedback he has been getting has been overwhelming, from both men and women. He also said that there have been many people who were surprised to discover a man had written Legs Talk, which he said was one of the best compliments he could have gotten.
“It still hasn’t sunk in,” Boone said of how the book has been doing. “It’s sort of surreal.”
Boone is now considering many other projects, including fiction and non-fiction.
To find out more about Legs Talk and to keep posted about Boone’s upcoming projects, visit www.Legs-Talk.com.