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Herodotus is right; Xerxes is wrong

Clarifications are needed to stories in the Sept. 17 edition of the Howard Beach Times.

In the story about Amtrak moving to the site of the former Farley post office, “Amtrak will relocate to Moynihan Station,” it was reported the post office motto beginning “Neither snow nor rain …” was that of the Persian King Xerxes’ messengers.

The words came from Greek historian Herodotus in reference to his troops advancing toward the Persians under Cyrus the Great. Visit infoplease.com/askeds/post-office-motto.html. I am a retired postal employee and this is something often mentioned in our journals and newsletters.

Second, Dee Richard’s column “Obama’s health care reform will do more harm than good” discusses the march in Washington, D.C., Sept. 12. She wrote that tens of thousands marched. The official count is 1.7 million, according to talk show host Glen Beck’s Web site.

I was at the march. The protest was not just over health care, but government bailouts, spending and the intrusion of government into about every aspect of our lives.

Steven Aiello

Howard Beach

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