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Guiding questions make writing easier

When your child is working on a writing assignment, you can help by giving him guiding questions. For example, if you want your child to write about his day at the zoo (or any other place he recently visited), ask him these questions and encourage him to use the answers in his essay:

1. What did you see/explore/discover?

2. How did you feel while you were there?

3. What did you like best, and why?

4. Would you recommend this place to a friend? Why or why not?

The “why” questions may be tough for your child to answer. We often like or dislike things without fully realizing the reasons or being able to express them. So be patient with your child. Tell him to think through the question, and he’ll find the answer. The length of his answers will also depend on his grade:

? An early elementary-school student (grades 1-3) should be able to answer each question in 2-3 sentences.

? For children grades 4-5, expect 5-10 sentences per question.

? For middle-school students, expect 10-20 sentences per question.

? For high-school students, expect 20-35 sentences per question.

These are minimum guidelines; writing more is always welcome.

Your comments and questions are always welcome, so please feel free to ask and share.

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