Baysider hits scratch-off jackpot at Bell Blvd. 7-Eleven

Baysider hits scratch-off jackpot at Bell Blvd. 7-Eleven
Scott Margolin holds up a $2 million ceremonial check. Photo by Christina Santucci
By Rebecca Henely

It almost didn’t happen.

On the day 30-year-old Scott Margolin won $2,000 a week for life with the New York Lottery Oct. 21, his friend wanted to go to Martha’s Country Bakery on Bell Boulevard near 41st Street for their coffee break, but Margolin insisted on going to their regular spot at 7-Eleven a few doors down.

“I said, ‘No. 7-Eleven French roast is the best, let’s go there,’” Margolin said.

Margolin, who recently moved to Bayside, is the 10th winner of a prize of $1 million or more from the New York Lottery from Queens and the second winner from Bayside this year.

“This just changes my life,” he said.

A sales consultant for a human resources company situated in Bell Plaza, Margolin started buying scratch-off lottery tickets from 7-Eleven only a few weeks before with his co-workers while on their coffee break. They had been doing this for fun, and had for a time delighted in small prizes of $20 and $30.

“I never thought I’d actually win like this,” Margolin said.

At one point Margolin stopped buying the $2 scratch-off tickets, which have the ultimate prize of $1,000, and bought $5 scratch-off tickets, which have the highest prize of $2,000 a week for life with a minimum payout of $2 million. On the day Margolin almost went to Martha’s, he won the grand prize.

“Frozen. I was just frozen,” Margolin said of his reaction.

Margolin said he went to the Lottery’s Garden City Customer Service Center that day, but arrived a few minutes after closing time – too late to collect his prize, but he was back first thing the next morning.

The prize will be distributed to Margolin in payments of $104,000, or $64,640 after taxes, per year for at least 20 years. The payments will continue past then for as long as he is alive.

“It makes a lot of stresses in life not really feel that stressful,” he said.

Margolin is not married. He said he plans to use the winnings to purchase a 26-foot Baja Outlaw boat.

Despite his winnings, Margolin said he does not plan to leave his job.

“I like what I do,” he said. “I’m going to continue to do it. I’m still young.”

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