Queens celebrates Three Kings Day

Hundreds of children and their families watched as the story of the Three Kings came to life at the Florence E. Smith Senior Center and Flushing Hospital Auditorium.

The event was made possible by Martha Flores Vazquez, the executive director of Community Prevention Alternatives for Families in Crisis Nature Counseling Center.

Councilmember Julissa Ferreras hosted the event at the senior center to honor the tradition of Three Kings Day, which celebrates the biblical story of the three kings who saw a star appear in the sky on Christmas Day and followed it to a livestock shed in Bethlehem, where they found, and worshiped, the newborn Jesus.

“It is vital to continue the old customs and teach children a wonderful tradition. It is also important to celebrate with the community at large,” said Ferreras. “It was a great reason to bring families, friends and neighbors together!”

The event held on Saturday, January 8 treated all attendees to typical Latino foods, refreshments and face painting.

“This celebration gave me the opportunity to learn more about my parents’ tradition and see how one group collaborated to bring this entertaining play together,” said Karla Francisco, 11, who attended the event at the senior center with her friends and family.

Musical Rainbow provided the attendees with traditional and non-traditional songs heard in households celebrating Three Kings Day.

“It is nice to see all these ages come together for this event,” said Gerrie Frucht, a Flushing resident who attended with her daughter and grandchildren. “This event is important for my grandchildren because they have the opportunity to meet new people from other communities and learn about other cultures.”

Councilmember Peter Koo attended the event at Flushing Hospital and helped distribute the gifts to all the children.

“This event is great because it gives us the opportunity to get together and celebrate Three Kings Day,” said Koo. “In Flushing we are very fortunate to celebrate all these ethic holidays and festivals.”

“It brought me so much joy to see my granddaughter entertained by a tradition my family has held for ages,” said Maria Rivera, an Elmhurst resident. “I will never forget the happiness this event has brought me!”

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