Renaissance Charter School at a glance

The mission of the Renaissance Charter School (RCS), located at 35-59 81st Street in Jackson Heights, is to develop leaders while getting students college ready.

Founded in 1992 and opened in 1993, RCS has 548 students. There is one class each for kindergarten through fourth grade and two classes each for grades five to 12.

School co-principal Stacy Gauthier explained that, as a charter school, RCS has moved away from being rules-based to instead being more performance-based. In fact, she said that the school has a 37-point performance goal.

Gauthier explained that giving the school the power to make decisions means that it can be flexible and responsive to the needs of the students. She also said that the school spends “a lot of time working one on one with the students.”

However, since the school is reviewed on an annual basis and the charter has to be renewed every five years, it is also held accountable. RCS will be up for renewal again in 2015.

“We want all of [our] kids to be college ready,” Gauthier said, adding that even if they choose a different path the school wants them to have the tools to succeed in college and have the option available to them.

While also preparing leaders who understand the issues, RCS wants the children to love to learn, feel safe and empowered, and be happy while they’re in the building.

“We want happy kids,” Gauthier said. Additionally, she noted the importance of providing an arts-enriched education.

According to the RCS’s web site, “The school’s core belief is that a dynamic learning environment which prizes friendship and deep respect will open both hearts and minds of students. In this type of environment, students will meet all standards and exceed them to become leaders in their own right.”

The school also seeks to create an environment where families feel welcome and connected.

Upcoming open houses for kindergarten to eighth grade applications will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15 and 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 15.

For more information on the Renaissance Charter School, visit www.renaissancecharter.org or call 718-803-0060.

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