Health Coaching: No money, no gym, out of shape

Marty from Forest Hills asks:

I work long hours and don’t have the time or money to join a gym. What can I do to stay in shape during the work day?

Marty: You’re in luck. I have plenty of tips for staying fit going to, coming from and while you’re at work

I always encourage people to wear a pedometer. You might be surprised at how many miles you are already walking each day.

Try this experiment: Wear your pedometer on two consecutive work days. Record your number of steps and miles (approx. 2,000 steps = 1 mile). Plan to increase your miles by 25 percent the first week. That means you’ll be taking an extra 500 steps per day. Two weeks later, increase it again by 500 steps. Before you know it you’ve added an additional mile, five times per week!

Ways to increase your steps:

1. When you come to work walk up the steps and then go back down one to five times every time you use the steps!

2. Park your car further away from your destination every single time!

3. If you take the bus or subway get off at the stop before or walk around the block once before you reach your destination.

4. If you live in an elevator building, take the stairs. Start with getting off just one floor below yours.

5. Stand up at your desk and march in place for one minute every hour.

Building lean muscle mass at work:

1. Stand up and sit down at your desk for one minute, five times per day.

2. Do 10-20 push-ups against the wall three times per day.

3. Climb two stairs at a time holding dumbbells or wearing a back-pack.

4. Do 5-10 dips off your chair three times per day.

5. Stand behind your chair. Do a stationary lunge 10 times and then repeat with your other leg. Do this three times per day.

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