Officer Shot In Line Of Duty Heads Home

Graphic by Jay Lane

Officer Shot In Line Of Duty Heads Home

A seven-year veteran of the New York City Police Department who was shot and injured in the line of duty is expected to be released from the hospital today. Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, was shot in the base of his skull at close range during a chase with a suspect in Brooklyn back on January 31. Brennan was rushed Bellevue Hospital where doctors were able to remove the bullet. He and two other plainclothes cops were responding to a report of shots fired at the Bushwick Houses when they say the recognized Luis Ortiz, 21, who was wanted in connection with a deadly shooting on New Year’s Day. Investigators say as Brennan gave chase Ortiz opened fire, hitting the officer. Ortiz was arrested a few hours later. Read More: NY1


Flushing Hospital Nurses Agree To New Contract

Nurses at Flushing Hospital on Thursday agreed to a new three-year contract. The 420 registered nurses had been without a contract since New Year’s Eve. The new deal is retroactive to January 1 and runs through December 2014. The New York State Nurses Association says the new contract contains no concessions on the part of the nurses, who were asking for an increase in medical benefits and pensions. The nurses threatened to strike on Tuesday, but later called it off when an agreement became a possibility. Read More: NY1


Residents allege Jamaica building is a ‘nightmare’

Residents of one Jamaica apartment building say they are living in hell, spending their nights shivering and waiting for their homes to “freeze over” before repairs are made. Numerous tenants of Loval Hall, located at 88-22 Parsons Boulevard, have complained about dangerous and unlivable conditions in their apartments – including leaky roofs, shoddy plumbing and no heat overnight. Read More: Queens Courier


Grimm’s campaign contributions from backers of proposed gas pipeline thru Riis Park draw criticism

Rep. Michael Grimm’s support for a natural gas pipeline through Queens is fueling criticism that he’s a pol courting powerful private interests — not the Tea Party reformer he claims to be. Seven months after sponsoring legislation to run a pipeline under Jacob Riis Park, the freshman congressman has collected some $3,000 from its backers. Grimm, a former FBI agent, won his Staten Island campaigning as an outsider who wasn’t going to buy into the crippling go-along, get-along ethos of inside the Beltway. Read More: Daily News


Mortgage Lending Settlement Will Provide Help For New York Homeowners

A home is supposed to be a refuge, but for Durrant McKie, it’s a burden. “It’s been hard. It’s been tough. It’s a struggle,” said McKie. Tough circumstances have forced him to miss a year’s mortgage payments, but the 55-year old Queens man can’t sell. He is what’s called “underwater.” “The statement from the city says it’s worth $240,000, and what I owe on it is over $335,000,” said McKie. Read More: NY1

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