Lotus Pad: Well-known dishes and traditional fare


Lotus Pad, owned and operated by Charles Cheng, is much more than your typical Chinese restaurant.

Far from mundane, this establishment offers a handful of signature, authentic dishes aimed to please the Asian community by reminding them of their deep roots and culinary foundation. Cheng has been sharing his love of food at Lotus Pad for over a year, and owns a handful of establishments throughout the other boroughs as well. He prides himself on family, a sincere passion for food and a genuine work ethic.

My guest and I began our meal with bubble tea, offered in a surplus of flavors. Almond and mango are just two on the list, but both are refreshing.

The menu presents classic dishes that Americans favor from local Chinese take-out havens, such as General Tso’s chicken, and beef and broccoli.

My guest and I decided to take the alternative route and sample the signature, authentic Asian dishes that were beyond unfamiliar. Everything from fried scallion pancakes to golden bitter melon to General Tso’s tofu – my taste buds were certainly on an unexpected journey through the authentic world of Chinese cuisine.

The world of tofu is new to me, and Lotus Pad did an excellent job of preparing it in various styles. General Tso’s tofu presented lightly-fried tofu surrounded by an aesthetic flowering of broccoli and a sea of sauce- spicy with hints of pepper and orange. Next we were presented with the basil chicken, also known as “three cups chicken,” which appears in a stew-like pot combining tender chicken with herbs.

Classic Chinese dishes also include Chinese style meatball casserole, fish casserole, golden bitter melon and squash.

The person responsible for running the show at Lotus Pad is Elaine, a pleasant, business- savvy woman who knows every dish on the menu and works with Charlie to offer customers the utmost service and most authentic experience.

Although Lotus Pad looks like your neighborhood Chinese restaurant, it is so much more. Go in and chat with Charlie about his family’s history, his love for food and constant dedication to welcoming new customers and bringing something special to the neighborhood. Lotus Pad combines a simple atmosphere with a genuine, persistent dedication to authentic cuisine.

Lotus Pad

25-25 Parsons Boulevard

Flushing, NY 11354


Open seven days, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Credit Cards accepted

Private parking lot

Delivery: Yes

Take-out: Yes

Beer & Wine

Wheelchair Accessible