MTA fare increases not helping economy

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced that fares are going to increase on all mass transit lines, bridges, tunnels and commuter railroads by next year.

This is outrageous. The public has enough to worry about due to the bad economy, and now another unnecessary and unfair burden is going to be placed upon them. Perhaps MTA executives should volunteer to take a substantial cut in their overbloated and uncalled-for salaries.

The commuters of this city are fed up with these constant fare increases. The service does not improve with each one, but seems to worsen. People are going to have to shell out more money just to commute back and forth from work, which is not fair.

Why can’t the state and federal governments help out the MTA? Where did all of that stimulus money President Barack Obama made available four years ago disappear to?

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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