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Congress passes bill to help end FAA furloughs

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Flyers can travel easier.

Congress has passed a bill that will help end Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) furloughs and prevent more delayed flights.

The Senate and House overwhelmingly approved the legislation, which shifts funding and allows the FAA to put its air traffic controllers back to work, according to reports.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said President Obama plans to sign the bill, according to Reuters.

U.S. government spending cuts forced the FAA to ax $637 million from its budget this year. As a result, its traffic controllers were furloughed and had to take one day off without pay for every 10 days of work starting this week.

Within the first few days, flyers were already feeling the furlough’s effects. The FAA said there were 1,200 delays throughout the country as a result of the furlough on Monday. The FAA attributed an additional 1,400 delays to the weather and other factors.



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