In Memoriam

In Memory of Bernard Smith, (Bob) 25th Year in God’s Care April 17, 1988 – April 17, 2013

I hereby dedicate this poem to my husband Bernard Smith (Bob) EDNAROSE

My Loving Angel, By Ednarose

I looked upon his grave sight, The tears filled in my eyes. “How could you leave me all alone?” And then I started to cry.

ThatnightI dreamed of him, And he appeared to me. He said, “My love, have no fear, For I am here with Thee.”

I knew he was my Angel, And came to be with me; To give me strength and courage, For all eternity.

He often comes to visit me, Atnightwhen I’m asleep, My loving Angel touches my brow, And soothes my soul with peace.

My loving Angel takes my hand in his, And I can feel the bliss Of how he loved me through the years. Oh how I miss his kiss!

At times of stress I hear his voice My loving Angel is righthere, To guide, protect and keep me safe, From any harm or fear.

My Angel thinks I’m special He stays right by my side, His love is never ending And this he never hides.

One day I pray that he will come And stay to be with me, To take me home to God above For all eternity

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