LIC’s Laughing Devil Comedy Club up for sale

Photo by Benjamin Fang

It looks like the laughs might be coming to an end.

The owners of The Laughing Devil Comedy Club, located at 47-38 Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City, have announced the venue will be put up for sale.

“It has been successful to date, but my business partner, Steve, moved out to [Los Angeles] for his career, and I had a baby about 11 months ago,” said Jacob Morvay, co-owner of the club. “So we both had changes in our lives that have taken a significant portion of time.”

Morvay and Steve Hofstetter started the business in 2011. It became a lovable part of the Vernon Boulevard community, hosting numerous stand-up shows featuring celebrity comedians.

The owners hope the venue will remain a comedy club since there are not many entertainment options in Long Island City.

“Our first choice is that it would stay the same — just a different owner,” said Morvay. “But there are other options for the space. “

Morvay said the club’s neighborhood is a popular one and that the property would come with a liquor license, a big draw for prospective buyers. He also touted a state-of-the-art draft beer system which includes 14 different beers and is already installed.

The owners have told other business in the area about the club being up for sale. They said reactions have been supportive, if also a bit melancholy. Morvay and Hofstetter are in talks with potential buyers of the 770-square-foot facility, which has the capacity to expand by another 100 square feet in the back.

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort [into] it,” said Morvay. “It’s definitely a labor of love that we are sad to see go, but we have decided what’s best for the business.”



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