Time Warner Cable blacks out CBS

THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre

Time Warner Cable (TWC) blacked out CBS after the companies failed to meet a negotiating contract deadline.

The CBS signal disappeared in the city shortly past 5 p.m., and may disappear from other cities including Los Angeles and Dallas, according to reports.

The CBS signal was swapped in place of a message from the cable provider which explained that TWC believes CBS made unreasonable requests.

“CBS has made outrageous demands for the programming that it delivers free over the air and online requiring us to remove their stations from your line-up while we continue to negotiate for fair and reasonable terms,” the Time Warner Cable statement said.

The statement also mentions other methods to watch CBS programming, including using antennas, cbs.com and Aereo. TWC will also temporarily replace CBS with programs from Starz Kids and Family.




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