Northern Boulevard needs signs back

I am upset that the city Department of Transportation, Community Board 7 and City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) approved removing the rush hour/no standing signs from the eastbound lanes of Northern Boulevard in Flushing from Prince Street to Utopia Parkway.

This adversely affects the evening rush-hour traffic flow. They claim a study was done, but no one can name the study. Koo has said he had received complaints for stores lining Northern Boulevard. I want your paper to investigate this possible local scandal — putting the needs of a few store owners over the needs and safety of drivers and pedestrians using Northern Boulevard during the evening rush.

I would like the name of the study and information on how to get a copy of it. All of Northern Boulevard in both directions — from city line to city line — still has these no-standing signs to help with rush-hour traffic.

Flushing is no different, yet they had these signs removed. These signs have been in place for maybe 50 years. Nothing has changed except possibly Koo’s election.

I urge the DOT to put these signs back up immediately.

Barrie Gellis


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