QueensWay Connection design competition recognizes Queens architect

Upside Down Bridge design
Photo courtesy AIA New York Chapter

Architects are jumping on the QueensWay bandwagon, creating designs for the proposed high line.

The Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) committee of the AIA New York Chapter centered its 2014 Biennial Design Ideas competition on the QueensWay, a project intended to convert a 3.5-mile elevated stretch of abandoned railway through the borough into public parkland.

The competition, “QueensWay Connection,” attracted 120 design submissions from 28 different countries. Entrants were required to design an entrance from the street up to the QueensWay, as well as submit additional designs to compliment the surrounding community.

The Friends of the QueensWay, an advocacy group for the park, said the competition brought in “incredible” ideas. Though they remain just ideas and do not pose as actual design proposals.

“It’s incredible to see inspiration drawn from around the world in conceptualizing innovative ideas that showcase the QueensWay’s potential to revitalize neighborhoods and improve the quality of life,” the group said in a statement.

Five winners were chosen, including Hyuntek Yoon of Long Island City, for his “Upside Down Bridge” concept.

Also in Yoon’s design is “The Plaza,” a space which “can be used as a versatile public space, meant to mingle diverse cultures and people from the neighborhood.” His design also includes the “Kitchen Garden,” an indoor space to be used for various classes and programs.

The QueensWay design, which would run from Ozone Park to Rego Park, has sparked controversy amongst the surrounding community. Transportation advocates want a revitalization of the Rockaway railroad line, while others want nothing at all.

An exhibition of the competition winners’ work will be unveiled at an opening party on July 17 at the Center for Architecture.



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