Queens disabled softball team to play against blind Long Island team

Photo courtesy American Softball

It’s not really about who wins or loses, it’s about the love of the game.

Queens-based American Softball, a league for developmentally challenged and handicapped adults, will play the Long Island Bombers, a blind and visually impaired softball team.

The meeting, on June 1 in Rockville Centre, will consist of noncompetitive games between the two leagues.

“This is about coming together and showing that there are opportunities for disabled players to have fun,” said Ted Fass, executive director of the Bombers. “For me, it’s just putting two groups together to have a fun day.”

Both teams have adjusted forms of the sport and will combine them for the games. The Bombers play beep baseball, which involves a larger, beeping softball, two four-foot tall buzzing bases and a set of alternate rules.

Pitchers can see and aren’t counted as players. Their job is to let the batters hit. After making contact, players run to either buzzing base and if they touch it before the ball is secured by a fielder, they score a run.

American softball on the other hand usually has volunteers assisting the players in everything from running to batting.

“Both teams have challenges, but one thing they love is softball,” said Randy Novick, founder of American Softball. “I think it’s a wonderful, different experience.”



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