People must start caring about Rockaway

I love Rockaway.

There are only 32 beaches open to swimming in Rockaway Beach. This is outrageous and unacceptable. We need all our beaches fully open to swimming.

We need the media’s help to correct this problem. Please investigate and make the city Parks Department accountable.

This is a disgrace and a government-made disaster.

This is hurting our reputation, property values, businesses, jobs and lives.


Why go to Rockaway if you cannot use the beaches fully?

Why take a train, bus or ferry if you cannot use the beaches?

Why would you shop and eat in Rockaway if you cannot use our beaches? Why would you invest in Rockaway if our beaches are closed?

Why go to Rockaway and pay $3.75 on a toll bridge if our beaches are closed?

Why go to Rockaway and smell a stinking sewage plant and our beaches are closed?

Why did Rockaway lose the old Long Island Rail Road Rockaway Beach line, a 40-minute ride to midtown Manhattan?

Why did we lose Rockaway Playland?

Why did the government take 600 acres of property away from the people of Rockaway?

Why did we lose Peninsula Hospital?

Why go to Rockaway when drug gangs kill our people?

Why improve services if no one comes to Rockaway?

Who cares about Rockaway?

Is there a conspiracy to keep Rockaway isolated, divided and down? I still love Rockaway. Please help us. Please contact me.

Here is a list of some open beaches: 9 to 13, 29, 30, 58, 59, 75 to 85, 116 to 120, 136, 137 and 144 to 148.

There are 141 beaches in Rockaway with 32 open and 109 closed.


Philip McManus

Rockaway Park

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